Study Cautions Agains Overcontrolling Parenting

Study Cautions Agains Overcontrolling Parenting
Helicopter parents who exercise excessive control over their children from an early age may be putting their kids at a serious disadvantage, according to a new study of more than 400 children. The findings suggest that parents who always look over their kids’ shoulders may be unwittingly preventing them from practicing emotional and behavioral control on their own. Such children, the study suggests, are ill-prepared to cope with stress and prone to lash out at others.

“Children don’t want to be friends with other children who cannot manage their anger, and hit them whenever there is a disagreement,” co-author on the study, Nicole B. Perry of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, told Fatherly. Being able to control your emotions and behavior “is one of the most fundamental skills that children develop in early childhood,” she adds.
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