Cities Are Building More Accessible Playgrounds

Cities Are Building More Accessible Playgrounds
Lucia Dawkins loves to swing. Her mom, Juliet, says that when Lucia gets on a swing, “Her face just lights up into a big smile. It’s her favorite thing to do.” But unlike most of the children in parks around Denver, Colorado, where she lives, 6-year-old Lucia doesn’t have a place to play.

That’s because at 2 weeks old, Lucia was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Pallister-Killian Syndrome. Lucia—nicknamed LuBird—is in a wheelchair, legally blind, and nonverbal. When she goes to parks with her two younger siblings, “the playground is such a barrier for her,” says Juliet Dawkins. “Often the surfacing alone is hard to push a wheelchair. And if we are able to access a playground, there isn’t anything for her to do.”
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