Teens’ Screen Time Linked to ADHD Symptoms

Teens’ Screen Time Linked to ADHD Symptoms

Digital media is easily accessible on mobile phones and consists of everything from texting to video chatting and a plethora of social media sites. While a link has been found the study does not conclude digital media use causes ADHD, and further research is needed. But it is further reason to continue prioritizing outdoor play over digital play.

The research group consisted of over 2,000 high school students from Los Angeles County who did not have symptoms of ADHD. The study took place between September 2014 and December 2016, and this was the largest and longest study on the topic. As it was an observational study, researchers did not intervene or control all the natural differences that could explain the study findings. The results show that frequently ‘using multiple forms of digital media was associated with a higher likelihood of ADHD symptoms occurring over a 24-month period during adolescence’.

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  1. For years I have limited not only time but type of screen time my son gets. I have noticed that some activities do not produce the ADHD type of behaviours over time, while other things do. For example, when he was little Mine Craft was worst, where Math Blaster or Reader Rabbit or Professor Layton did not give him these symptoms.

    The problem for me is that the type of gaming that did not cause problems was made for Windows XP and older systems, the newer operating systems do not seem to have the selection that is fun for my teen. And the online multiplayer games these days all seem to be in the ADHD producing and addiction producing categories. I am still looking for online gaming that is non-addictive and not ADHD producing and still fun for a teen.

    I have seen this for years and have been telling people for years. I remain the bad guy who is either holding my kid back from learning with his peers and thus being outcast for it, or (from the other parents) the bad guy who is not letting my kid be modern and play like other kids do.

    I wish that there was a list someplace of single and multi player games on-line that are attractive to teenagers and that were of the good sort that do not cause the behaviour or addiction problems that it seems the majority of games cause.

    If we know what in the gaming is causing the problem, why do we as a society allow it and give our children access to it?

    For my part, I will continue being the bad guy and cause my kid to hate me for it, and have my kid be embarrassed by my overbearing restrictions to his freedoms.


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