Children in Green Urban Spaces ‘Perform Better Academically’

Children in Green Urban Spaces ‘Perform Better Academically’
Children who grow up near urban green spaces are likely to perform better academically, according to a new report.

Green space has a ‘positive role in cognitive functioning’, of which spatial working memory is strongly related with academic achievement in children, particularly in maths.

That’s the conclusion of researchers at University College London Institute of Education, who looked at the working memories of more than 4,700 children aged 11 in different urban areas of England. They found that those who lives in places with more green spaces outperformed their peers who did not.
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  1. Unfortunately the research is a little weak on outcome and didn’t research children’s actual time in greenspace. However this is a good place to start. Hope they or someone gets an opportunity to strengthen the study in regard the relationship between actual time in urban greenspace and cognitive function.


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