For a Better Conversation, Take It Outside

For a Better Conversation, Take It Outside
If you want to have a meaningful chat, head for the great outdoors.

A new study looked at conversations between parents and their little kids when they explored a city park as well as an indoor education center. They found that their communication was much more "responsive and connected" when they were outdoors versus when they were talking inside.
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  1. Shinrin-yoku…Japanese tree bathing may hold some answers for you. Based on my own research and practice with 3-4 year olds outside there is little doubt that children open up more readily in nature. The absence of walls and doors… the freedom to be at one with the elements…
    the everchanging variety of stimulating natural resouces….so much to tickle the senses… make connections and invite comments …so much awe and wonder. Rosaleen Joyce…a huge fan of outdoor learning… and consultant on outdoor learning


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