Outdoors for All

Outdoors for All
A few years ago, pediatrician and clinical scientist Nooshin Razani treated a four-year-old girl whose family had recently fled Yemen and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. The family had received news the night before that members of the father's family had been killed in a bombing back home. The child was suffering from anxiety. "I was thinking, 'I have nothing to give to this little girl. What can I give her?'" Razani says. The typical medical response would be to offer the girl some counseling and, if necessary, medication. Razani decided the patient needed an additional, broader prescription. She asked the girl and her parents if they would like to go to the park with her. "The expression on that child's face, the yearning for a piece of childhood, was deeply moving," the doctor recalls.
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  1. John Thielbahr

    I have taken the liberty of forwarding this article to Laura Carstensen at Stanford’s Center on Longevity. It’s been a long while since we visited with her, but this is an important piece for 75 year old folks like me, as well as kids and their parents and all those who touch the life of a child. Terrific piece. jt


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