Study Pinpoints When Teenagers Fall out of Love with Nature

Study Pinpoints When Teenagers Fall out of Love with Nature
Young people’s connection to nature drops sharply from the age of 11 and doesn’t recover until they are 30 – with significant implications for their engagement with pro-environmental behaviours like recycling or buying eco-friendly products.

These are the findings of a new study from the University of Derby, in partnership with the University of Exeter, Natural England, Historic England, the National Trust, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and The Wildlife Trusts.
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  1. Totally agree that many young people fall out of respect for Nature whilst at high school and university.
    A lot is done at primary level , it all stops at high school ,why?
    Exams seems to be all, everything else about the real world is forgotten, and not taught.

    All the Natural subjects like botany, biology, ecosystems , ,even ecocide and climate cha nge with allied politics are almost taboo, Human relationships still have not moved much from the Victorian snigger stage,
    We in the UK have no respect for self and others.
    At primary schools kids are taught respect, but this seems to be let fly at high school.
    Indervidual and group responsibility needs to be engendered throughout life and many teachers need to be brought up to speed in this area, as its not just a subject by a state of mind and lifestyle change.
    Change must happen and reconnection with Nature must be at the forefront of all thinking, not just at school but at work and everyday life..
    Climate crisis and indeed all ecosystem sustainability has to have everyone involved, for their whole life, not just at walks with kids at weekends.

    This is an adult problem, it appears that,adults can’t get involved die to there conflict of interest in their consuming habits, many of which destroy Nature and ecosystems through their production.

    Few habits of consumption and leisure actually enhance Nature and Ecosystems, in fact many pro environment activities actually does more damage than they cure.
    All Human activity destroys, , we all must learn a new way forward collectively, quickly.

    Money is key, Money must be li led directly to Nature, like money was connected to gold.
    Money has at present no controls and is spent at a huge spped and amounts without any directlinkage to nature and any subsequent Eco damage, and pollution.

    Fundamental Fiscal and monetary changes must occur,
    Stop all Quantative Easing,ban crypto currencies and helicopter money.

    Scrap all existing taxes and replace with a single natural Resource Tax collected at source and based on the Eco damage caused by their use and consumption plus UBI and a wealth tax.

    People must take real responsibility and be directly accountable for their own decisions and actions.
    This can only be done by placing a eco damage tax on all that we use and consume,as none at present seem able to do this by themselves, at any level in society.

    You and me together are the problem, we consume and use too much and the lifespan of everything is far to short.
    This must all Change now and fast.
    Just like the lockdown we have now, a new economic model must arise globally tomorrow , not the day after but tomorrow.


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