Eye Specialists in New Zealand Concerned by Kids’ Excessive Screen Use

Eye Specialists in New Zealand Concerned by Kids’ Excessive Screen Use
Eye specialists say they're seeing more children than ever before with serious eye problems linked to excessive screen use.

They say urgent Government intervention is needed before it's too late.

The inner tissue of a human eye is extremely delicate, and specialists say once damage begins, it's hard to stop.
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  1. Thank you for examining and sharing this truth about one of the dangers of screen use, especially by children and young adults.
    We first became aware of this health risk several years ago. This is one of many reasons my partner and I formed a duo and perform original songs about Canadian wildlife using facts about each animal and their habitat, stories from our experience and realistic-looking animal puppets. Our goal is to kindle (or re-kindle) the wonder of nature in children of all ages. We perform in all sorts of venues from schools and libraries to care homes and National Parks. We recently crossed Canada by Via Rail performing three 45 min. shows per day for the passengers and met many people from Canada and around the world who wanted to talk about the many health benefits of spending time in nature.
    Again, thank you for sharing this information.
    Rob and Lillian
    The Well Worn Trail


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