Survey: UK Parents Worried About Lack of Children’s Outdoor Time

Survey: UK Parents Worried About Lack of Children’s Outdoor Time
New research by the UK’s biggest website for parents, Mumsnet, has shown they are worried about the shift from outdoor play to indoor screen time, saying that playgrounds are vital in getting children outdoors and active again.

A survey of 1111 parents with children aged between two and 12 has found that nine out of 10 parents who were not close to a playground said that having access would make their child play outside more.
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  1. I agree the shift is massive and worrying, I agree children to access to safe places to play – not playgrounds just safe spaces – however I encourage and support my children to play outside and still they ‘crave’ screen time – pressure from peers messaging to play, face timing, and going online to ‘add you’ to the game is the biggest problem – all parents need to look carefully at the amount of screen time they allow their children and end it now – it already is a huge problem impacting on mental
    And physical health let’s not let it becoming bigger – all parents need to know the risks and what it is doing to sleep, brain development, relationships, communication and most importantly mental health and well being,

  2. We are so quick to blame the system, the locality, the council, schools, government and others for issues our children face, when we as parents are the primary caregivers. So many people complain about their children’s inability to disengage from screens, to live an active life and play like they used to. Don’t allow them the screens! It is hard. Harder than looking after children and providing stimulating activities, but that is what parenting is about. It is our fault that children are hooked on screens. It is in our grasp to change it. We should put our hands up, face the music and the fuss, the tantrums, the screen cold turkey and invest in our children’s mental health by getting rid of the screens, or at very least freeing them from them for whole days at a time – before it is to late.


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