Children Prefer Faraway Wildlife to Local Nature

Children Prefer Faraway Wildlife to Local Nature
If a tree is in the forest and no one has posted a picture of it online, does it exist at all? Today’s children are likely to answer no.

Children now spend a majority of time indoors engaged with virtual experiences, and a collaborative study published in the journal PeerJ suggests that this may impact their attitudes toward local wildlife. The study surveyed 2,759 children in grades 4 to 8 across North Carolina as part of a broader project to engage children directly in science and nature through citizen science. Children were asked to list four animals they liked and four they feared, and then were asked to choose five animals they liked the most from a list of 20.
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  1. I actually wrote and illustrated with bits of nature a picture book about this. Google “Where the Adventure is” by Jared Goodykoontz 🙂

    15% of profits go to Ohio’s Division of Wildlife


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