Nearly Two Thirds of British Parents Think School Children’s Mental Health Is at Risk

Nearly Two Thirds of British Parents Think School Children’s Mental Health Is at Risk
Parents in Britain are worried about their children’s mental health because of pressure schools put on them, a new study has revealed. The research comes just as Ofsted has announced that its inspectors will not assess how homework is being done under new framework, it states schools should decide whether or not they set it for their pupils.

A survey commissioned by outdoor toy company TP Toys has found that parents of children as young as four years old think schools are too focussed on getting exam results rather than the learning needs of their children. As a result, over a third of parents think it is having a negative effect on their child’s mental health.
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  1. Once upon a time, Britain produced a noteworthy educator named Charlotte Mason. Clearly, they need to revisit her teachings about children and the outdoors. Similar things are brewing in the American public school. They too have lost sight of the value of childhood and demand things that are developmentally out of order. In their attempts to improve the educational system they have made the critical error of changing the ends instead of the means. It’s no longer about learning. It’s about testing. And it’s harmful to all, the child, the family, the teacher. Five-year-olds were not meant to sit still in chairs eight hours a day.

    • Here, Here! I love JannyBean’s post. This is common sense. The creator of Scratch the best selling computer coding software for kids wrote a book titled “Lifelong Kindergarten.” He gave he book that title because he said his M.I.T. Lab is like a “kindergarten class room” for grown ups, full of science “toys” and objects for exploration. Sadly, kindergarten is nothing like that anymore. Time to expose the agenda-there are world governments in place that WANT your children to be mentally impaired. Conspiracy Theory? NO-CONSPIRACY FACT. The American Pharmacuetical Industry makes a fortune on ADHD meds-who are we kidding? The American education system is a well planned mental illness and indoctrination factory. The officials creating the play restrictions and curriculum agenda know very well what they are doing.


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