Frequently Asked Questions





Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I get involved with the Children & Nature Network?

A:  There are a few ways to become involved:

– Search our movement directory to find local Family Nature Clubs, programs, and organizations that interest you. Family Nature Clubs are a great way to experience nature in groups, find new places, and make new friends.
– Join our community site where you can connect with other like-minded individuals, join groups, and find events.
– Sign-up to receive our newsletters and other email communications to stay informed of the latest news and activities.
– Add your program, organization or yourself as a contact to our movement directory.

Q: Where can I share my children and nature related event/program/book?

A:  A great place to share is through our community site, Connect is a social network of grassroots leaders, partners and supporters of the children and nature movement, and the perfect place to promote events, make connections, and share information with other network members.

Q: How can I get my program listed on your web site?

A:  You may post programs and organizations that help and encourage children to connect with nature by registering for a free account on our Community Forum and following the instructions to post to it.

Q: Will you endorse my program/project/book/film?

A:  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide endorsements for projects and programs. While we would like to provide support to the many wonderful programs and projects happening around the world, we simply don’t have the staff capacity to respond to the hundreds of requests for endorsement we receive annually. We do encourage you to share information about your program or project on our community site.

Q: Where can I find local speakers to present on children and nature?

A:  For help finding a speaker affiliated with us in your area, please contact Jacqueline Green Public Relations Inc at

Q: Do you provide grants?

A:  No. At this point, the Children & Nature Network does not offer grants. Our collection of research studies and reports is a useful resource for preparing grant proposals.


Q: Can I write and submit guest articles for inclusion in your blog?


A:  Yes. We post occasional guest blogs and will be pleased to review your article. You can send it to and we will notify you if we are able to post it.


Q: Can I reprint a blog post from your website?

A:   Yes. With the appropriate credit, you are welcome to reprint blog posts. For posts by Richard Louv, the attribution should include “Copyright Richard Louv. All rights reserved.” Also include a link to and For guest blogs, the attribution should be  “(title) reprinted with permission of the Children & Nature Network, © (copyright date) (author).

Q. Is the Children & Nature Network hiring?

A:  You can find current job openings on our job board. There are also many wonderful local organizations and programs listed on our movement directory to which you may wish to inquire directly about job openings.











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