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Parents Fear Children Are Too Inactive Due to Time Spent Staring at Screens

A recent UK survey indicated that parents are worried that screen time is leading to inactive lifestyles in children. The survey of 2,022 parents found that 54% are worried that screen time is fueling their children’s inactive lifestyle, with more than a third (36%) saying device use means their children do not play outside enough. The survey was conducted by Internet Matters, a non-profit organization which helps families stay safe online. Parents were asked about their children’s use of any connected device, which could be a mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

The Government of Canada Invests in Protecting Nature

The Government of Canada will invest $2.25 million over three years in the Engaging Canadian Kids in Wildlife Conservation funding program. The initiative aims to inspire and enable Canadian children to take an active role in the protection of wildlife—including species at risk—and their habitats. The investment will support the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Earth Rangers Foundation. The organizations will educate kids across the country on protecting Canada’s nature from the threats to biodiversity and wildlife.

Paris Undergoes a Green Transformation

Paris is undergoing a transformation into one of the most sustainable, environmentally resilient cities in the world. As part of its collaboration with 100 Resilient Cities, Paris will remodel entire streets, both for safe play and for better heat and storm resilience. The city’s Environment and Sustainability Commissioner explains the plan is to get nature back, first for children, but also as a way of escaping from endless concrete and preparing the city for adaptation.

Survey: Most Canadians Say It’s Easier to Stay Indoors, Despite Knowing Nature Is Good for Them

A recent poll which asked 2,000 Canadians to report how often they traded urban comforts for a natural setting found that, although nine out of 10 agreed they’re happier when surrounded by wilderness, three-quarters admitted they find staying inside “easier.” Adults surveyed indicated that they found outdoor activities too uncomfortable or time-consuming and cited rain, extreme temperatures and work pressures as top reasons why they avoided the outdoors.

Play Fighting Teaches Children How to Read Situations and Respond Appropriately

A University of Lethbridge neuroscience professor has found that children who engage in rough and tumble play have better impulse control, better short-term memory and a greater repertoire of strategies to negotiate with their peers. However, the level of roughness in play is less a factor than allowing kids to freely choose partners who like doing the same kinds of things, and then letting them work out the rules and the interactions for themselves.

Are Canadian Kids Losing the Ability to Play? New Study Suggests a Problem

A study led by researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario found that only one-third of kids meet what is thought to be a basic level of physical literacy. The study included more than 10,000 children aged 8-12 across Canada over three years. The results suggest that most children lack skills such as throwing a ball and that they perform below expectations in aerobic tests.

Children in Green Urban Spaces ‘Perform Better Academically’

Children who grow up near urban green spaces are likely to perform better academically, according to a new report by researchers at University College London Institute of Education. The study team looked at the working memories of more than 4,700 11-year-old children in different urban areas of England. The researchers found that children living in places with more green spaces outperformed their peers who did not.

U.S. Senate Committee Passes Bipartisan Legislation to Get Children Outdoors

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee passed S.1522, the Every Kid Outdoors Act on a voice vote. The vote was a significant step toward progress to pass the Every Kid Outdoors Act, which will make it easier for youth to explore U.S. parks and public lands. A full vote in the Senate is scheduled for October 17th.


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