2018 Leadership Summit



Kim Moore Bailey of Youth Outside delivers one of the opening keynotes at C&NN 2018 Summit, emphasizing the importance of addressing the barriers that are preventing young people, especially those not traditionally represented in the outdoors, to meaningful experiences in nature.

Stephen Lockhart delivers one of the opening keynotes of the C&NN 2018 Summit, describing the myriad of benefits of nature including improved learning, behavior, mental and physical wellbeing.

Jose Gonzalez, founder of Latino Outdoors, summarizes the over-reaching message of the C&NN 2018 Summit, emphasizing the importance of research, connection and network-building.

Author and Children & Nature Network Co-founder Richard Louv delivers the closing keynote at the C&NN 2018 Summit with the message of the importance of nature experiences for all children– and the crucial work ahead for the children and nature movement.

Jason Morris of Pisces Foundation moderates a panel including Jane Wei-Skillern of UC Berkeley, Kirk Anne Taylor of ChangeScale, Anupama Joshi of National Farm to School Network, and Nancy Bales of Gray Family Foundation discuss the research underpinnings and practical applications of networks to help move the children and nature movement forward.


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