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The Children & Nature Network supports leaders and communities committed to increasing equitable access to nature so that children–and natural places–can thrive. Our 2019 International Conference will be a confluence of people, cultures and professions aligned to advance the children and nature movement around the world.

We seek presentations for our seven conference tracks that are focused on strategic “levers” needed to increase equitable access to nature. We think PowerPoints make great framing tools, but strong preference will be given to interactive sessions that engage our conference attendees in dialogue, hands-on activities and peer learning. Formats can include presentations, workshops, walkshops, interactive trainings, facilitated discussions and affinity group sessions. Preference will also be given to presentations that incorporate strategies for increasing equity and inclusion, and supporting social-emotional learning.

RFP Submission Guidelines for Workshops

Facilitate a Breakout Session

During the application process you will have an opportunity to indicate:

  • Which conference track you are applying for
  • The category that best describes your presentation:
    • Interactive Presentation (1 hour 15 min)
    • Workshop / Walkshop (2 hours)
    • Training (5 hours)
  • Your target audience:
    • New to the topic (basic discussion)
    • Intermediate (tools and resources to put things into motion)
    • Deep dive (analyzing and strategizing)

Priority will be given to conference track-related breakout sessions that include innovative thinking and action, including:

  • Best, promising and emerging practices to advance equity, inclusion, cultural relevance, and/or social justice
  • International perspectives and trends
  • Youth and young adult voices and strategies for engaging youth leadership
  • Evidence-based solutions, including scientific research, proven case studies and indigenous wisdom
  • Policies or civic engagement driving toward policy change
  • Demonstration of potential for scaling and/or replication of promising or best practices
  • We encourage presenters who bring an international point-of-view and/or the perspectives of youth, people of color, indigenous communities and voices historically marginalized.
Participate in our International Poster Session

Approximately 50 conference participants will be selected to share inspiring work informally with the 1,000 expected attendees during assigned poster session times on Friday, May 17.

Poster Session Selection Criteria:

Priority will be given to posters that include innovative thinking and action in one or more of the following areas as they relate to the conference track:

  • Equity, Inclusion and Cultural Relevance
  • International Perspectives and Trends
  • Evidence-based solutions, including indigenous wisdom and science-based strategies

Poster Session Details:

  • All posters must be non-commercial. If you have a fee-based service or product you would like to share, please contact to discuss exhibit table opportunities.
  • C&NN will supply a standard size easel and foam core board if needed.
  • Poster Size: Maximum 32″ wide x 40″ high
Facilitate a Focused Discussion or Affinity Group Session

In response to many requests for time and space to meet with peers around a specific topic or area of interest, applications are being accepted to reserve space during lunch or in the evening. On the application form, you will have an opportunity to indicate if the group you wish to facilitate is open to all conference attendees (promoted in our conference program) or by invitation only (not promoted in conference program). An example of an invitation only session might be a follow-up discussion or check-in for a Leadership Summit action area.

Selection Criteria:

  • Relevance to growing the movement to connect children and nature.
  • Actions set in motion during the 2018 C&NN Leadership Summit.
  • The review committee will seek to include facilitators who represent international voices, youth voices, people of color and indigenous communities.

RFP Review Process and Deadline:

  • Applications for presentations, the poster session and facilitated discussions or affinity groups are due by end of business on October 30th, 2018
  • Selection will be completed by December 14, 2018. You will be notified on or before this date.

If you are selected, you will need to:

  • Register for the full, 3-day conference at the discounted rate of $395.00 US.
  • Make and cover the cost of your travel and lodging arrangements.

*Note: There are a limited number of conference scholarships available through a separate application process that will be available in January 2019.


If you have questions about submitting a proposal for the 2019 International Conference, please contact us at

To help plan your presentation, here is a description of our seven conference tracks:

Creating Nature-Filled Cities:

Cities have sharp disparities in nature access based on race and income. This track will highlight policies for creating cities where all children experience nature in their neighborhoods and at school.

Developing Networks of Community Leaders:

To shift an indoor culture back to nature, we need networks of community and youth leaders from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and experiences serving as bridge-builders to the natural world. This track will provide practical tools and resources for developing and supporting inclusive networks.

Improving Educational Outcomes Through Nature-based Learning:

Evidence shows that children who learn outdoors have improved educational outcomes. This track will address inequities in access to nature-based learning and green schoolyards with an emphasis on children in low-income communities.

Integrating Social-emotional Learning Into Nature Programs:

Education, health and other professionals have a growing interest in the importance of social-emotional learning. This track will highlight research, best practices and hands-on experiences

Addressing Health Equity Through Nature Connection:

Regular time in nature can improve physical and mental health and help mitigate health disparities. This track will explore Park Rx programs, food access and community gardens, the role of historical racism in creating nature access inequities, and culturally relevant collaborations to increase equitable access to green spaces.

Engaging Families in Nature:

Family members play a key role in children’s connection to the natural world. This track will share innovative and inclusive practices for engaging families in nature, creative and culturally relevant venues for nature experiences, and ideas for engaging non-traditional partners.

Creating an Inclusive Children and Nature Movement:

This track will highlight topics such as the history of inequity in land use and cultural relevancy and inclusiveness in nature-based programming. It will also explore the intersection of the children and nature movement with racial healing, environmental justice, food access and other social justice movements.


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