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This resource hub contains tools for city leaders and community partners to create more equitable access to nature.

Resources are presented in the categories listed below, and while they may be considered in a sequence, we encourage you to explore the resources according to where you are in your city’s process.

Featured Resources

Download the following resources to get started in your city.

Municipal Action Guide

Implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Schoolyards

City-Corps Partnerships Strategy Tool

Green Schoolyards Advocacy Toolkit

Libraries as Nature Connectors Strategy Tool

Make the Case

Why is it important for cities to connect children to nature? These resources offer city leaders and community partners help in aligning equitable access to nature with city priorities.

Make the Case Resources

Engage in Planning

These resources provide guidance to cities as they engage city leaders and community stakeholders in identifying policies, programs and other strategies for equitable access to nature.

Engage in Planning Resources

Implement Strategies

These resources highlight a variety of strategies cities employ to equitably connect children to nature. Strategies span those related to policy changes, city infrastructure, and programs in and out of school time.

Implement Strategies Resources

Sustain Impact

Sustaining project momentum is key to ensuring that access to nature is an ongoing city priority. These resources enable cities to embed sustainability into the project at any stage.

Sustain Impact Resources

Evaluate Progress

How do you know if your city is making impact in equitably connecting kids to nature? The tools in this section support cities in collecting data and evaluating their progress.

Evaluate Progress Resources


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