Grassroots Leaders

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Grassroots Leaders

Over one hundred regions have either launched or are assembling grassroots campaigns to connect children with nature, and we’re working to continue to build the momentum. Grassroots coalitions work on the state, regional and local level to create shared strategic visions and plans and to map out a process for implementation. Regional strategies include: public awareness campaigns and community events; legislation and policy changes; public education and advocacy. Each effort increases the number of people and organizations participating in and taking action to reconnect children with nature.

Grassroots Leaders are invited to participate in our annual conference. This event provides unparalleled opportunities to engage with leaders from a wide-range of sectors and peers to learn about cutting edge initiatives, share lessons learned, activate collaboration, spark new connections and chart a path for expanding and growing the movement.

Grassroots Webinars: Click here to view recordings of past webinars.


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