Green Schoolyards for Healthy Communities

Green schoolyards are an important strategy for creating educational and health equity in low-income communities. With just a small fraction of U.S. public schools providing natural areas, creating access to green space on schoolyards—the only public lands specifically allocated for use by children—will have lasting impact on children’s health and well-being, particularly for the most vulnerable children.

Our Green Schoolyards for Healthy Communities initiative will increase the prevalence of green schoolyards in the U.S. by:


  • Creating and sharing an online resource hub to advocate for, create, design, use and maintain a school-district wide or city-wide green schoolyards program.
  • Activating an Action Agenda at our Green Schoolyards Network gathering in 2018.
  • Supporting priority cities across the U.S. in building strong city/school partnerships to create and maintain green schoolyards.

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