Green Schoolyards—Get Started!

Dear Colleague,
Thank you for believing in green schoolyards as a powerful strategy for connecting children to the many benefits of nature.

Partners around the world have pledged their support for the vision that, “all U.S. communities offer access to green schoolyards by 2050 to enhance children’s healthy development, community wellbeing and positive environmental impacts.” Your advocacy for green schoolyards is essential to achieving this vision. You can learn more and get involved here.


We’ve learned that when people understand the benefits of green schoolyards, they support them.

The Children & Nature Network offers this “Green Schoolyards Advocacy Toolkit” to help you and your allies confidently “make the case” for green schoolyards, whether the audience is your school board, superintendent, principal, teachers, parents or community members.

To provide the best resources, we surveyed educators from around the world, held focus groups, and received live feedback as we developed our toolkit. As you use the toolkit, we’d love your feedback at so that we can continue to improve it.

If you need more information on school district structures or how to work with community decision makers, download the School Board Advocacy Toolkit from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools. It’s an amazing resource.

Good luck and keep us posted on your efforts!

Your friends at the
Children & Nature Network

Toolkit Contents

Green Schoolyards for Better Health and Learning slide deck

Use some or all of these slides to make the case for green schoolyards in your community. Each slide includes presenter notes.
Make the Case bar: Advocacy Slide Deck [PDF] [PPT]


Benefits of Green Schoolyards handout

Print and share this 1-page handout to help your community understand the benefits of green schoolyards.
Make the Case


Green Schoolyards Process handout

Green schoolyard programs are complex. Multiple factors should be considered beyond advocating for and installing them.
Learn more!



These four infographics focus on specific benefits of green schoolyards, supported by peer-reviewed research.
Green Schoolyards and Academic Outcomes
Green Schoolyards and Beneficial Play
Green Schoolyards and Physical Activity 
Green Schoolyards and Mental Health Benefits


Community Needs Assessment

Use this tool to identify existing support, policies and allies you may already in your district and community.
Build partnerships bar


Case Studies

Learn from communities that have successfully implemented green schoolyards programs.
Case Studies


Toolkit Overview

This pdf includes the information shared on this webpage and can serve as a “cover letter” should you choose to print advocacy toolkits to share.
Toolkit Overview


More Resources

Green Schoolyards Resource Hub

Our resource hub contains tools for municipal leaders, administrators, school staff, parents and community members to support advocacy, funding, design, implementation, activation and stewardship of citywide or school district-wide green schoolyard programs.

Research Library

The Children & Nature Network research team curates and adds new studies on the benefits of nature to our Research Library each month. Use the search function to find the latest studies on green schoolyards


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