Green Schoolyards Resource Hub

Green schoolyard leaders have identified a 3-stage process for building and sustaining successful green schoolyards programs. This resource hub offers tools and resources to support each stage of the process, from advocacy kits that will help you make the case and secure funding, to resources for activating and maintaining green campuses. No matter where you are in the process, we encourage you to explore all resource categories to make sure you haven’t overlooked an important step.

Getting Started

Making the Case

Why do green schoolyards matter and what are their benefits? These materials will help you align your future or current ways of thinking with new allies.

Equity Advocacy
Education Advocacy
Health & Wellness Advocacy
Community Benefits
Environmental Advocacy
Case Studies

Secure Funding

Sustainable funding is key to ensuring that your green schoolyards program is able to be successful. Here are some of the ways that cities around the U.S. have funded their green schoolyards programs.

Bond Funding
Green Stormwater Infrastructure Funding
Corporate Funding
Conservation Funding
Federal Funding
State &  Local Tax Funding

Identify Policies

Implementing a green schoolyards program can make a policy easier to enact. Does your city, town or school district have the following policies that a green schoolyard program could support?

Walkability Policies
Federal Regulatory Policies
Shared Use Policies
School Health & Wellness Policies
Education Policies
Liability Policies
Land Use Policies

Build Partnerships

Likely and not-so-likely partners are essential to making a green schoolyard program evolve from a good  idea into a program implemented with abundant use and stewardship.  Highlighted here are the partnerships that have worked in existing green schoolyard programs.

Partnership Agreements

Moving Forward

Design the Schoolyard

Designing with and for the entire school community is  more successful and more meaningful when the users have a voice in the process. Learn how others have approached green schoolyard design here.

Design Process
Designing with the Community
Age-Appropriate Design
Research-Based Design Elements
Designing for Safety
Designing for Stormwater & Habitat
Designing for Nature Play

Activate for Learning

Green schoolyards can provide teachers and students with an outdoor classroom to support learning outside of the school walls. These are great tools to get comfortable teaching outside and lessons to lead once you are there.

Taking Learning Outdoors


Green schoolyards aren’t just for use during the school day; they are used by the wider community during non-school hours. Potential and various options for use are listed here.

Afterschool Programming
Community Schoolyard Access
Events & Celebrations

Sustaining Impact

Manage the Space

Designing and constructing a green schoolyard is just the beginning! Taking care of each schoolyard’s new features is essential. See how others have supported green schoolyard maintenance.

School & Community Stewardship
School District Maintenance
Managing Specific Design Features

Evaluate the Impact

How do you know that your green schoolyard program is making the impact that your partners and funders are seeking? Several tools are available  to support you in collecting data before and after a green schoolyard transformation.

Evaluating Learning
Evaluating Community Benefits
Evaluating the Environment
Evaluating Health & Wellness

Featured Resources

Download the Green Schoolyards infographics in full color or black and white.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.38.46 AM

Green Schoolyards and Academic Outcomes

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.39.10 AM

Green Schoolyards and Beneficial Play

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.39.27 AM

Green Schoolyards and Physical Activity

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 5.39.43 AM

Green Schoolyards and Mental Health Benefits

GS Report

Green Schoolyards Report

GS eval framework

Green Schoolyards
Evaluation Framework

Implementing Green Stormwater Infrastructure on Schoolyards


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