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Melissa Tinling, The Hub Farm

Individual Member

Tell us about your work: “As a Farmer­Educator at the Durham Public Schools’ Hub Farm in Durham, North Carolina, I engage youth in project­based learning on a sustainable farm site that includes rain gardens, pollinator gardens, beehives, a floating lab and ecological study areas of forest, ponds, wetland and streams.”

Why do you do this work? “I believe that the health of our society is directly related to the health of our land. I want to help children discover a personal relationship of love and respect for their place in the environment.”

Why did you become a C&NN Member? “I attended the 2017 conference in Vancouver, BC and was inspired to get involved in the broader global network working to build up nature education in every community.”

Learn more about Melissa’s work at: The Hub Farm

Avid4 Adventure, Paul Dreyer, CEO

Organizational Member

Tell us about your work: “Our mission at Avid4 Adventure is to empower kids to choose active and healthy lifestyles in the outdoors. We currently operate 21 locations of summer camp across Colorado and the Bay Area, California, and we will be expanding to Portland, OR next summer.”

Why do you do this work? “We started Avid4 Adventure 14 years ago to combat the rising rates of childhood obesity, the increase of screen time with kids, and the decreasing funding and time for outdoor play. From the earliest age (our programs start at age 3), we want to give kids an option to choose outside.”

Why did you become a C&NN Member? “We have a responsibility not only to the kids and families that do Avid programming, but also to a larger community. We are committed to being a part of bigger conversations an a more wide-reaching coalition of organizations, schools and families.”

Learn more about Avid4 Adventure and CEO Paul Dreyer at: Avid4 Adventure

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