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The effects of school gardens on children’s science knowledge: A randomized controlled trial of low-income elementary schools

A school garden intervention – consisting of both garden-related lessons and gardening activities – had a positive effect on children’s knowledge of plant science and nutritional science

Outdoor education and science achievement

Outdoor learning experiences can promote science content knowledge and positive environmental attitudes

Comparing apples and pears?: A conceptual framework for understanding forms of outdoor learning through comparison of English Forest Schools and Danish udeskole

The Danish udeskole is more integrated in the national educational system than are Forest Schools in England

Nature as a moderator of stress in urban children

Nearby nature helps children cope with adversity

Infant and toddler responses to a redesign of their childcare outdoor play space

The greening of an outdoor playspace led to an increase in the variety and level of infants’ and toddlers’ movement and physical activity

School grounds as a resource of green space to increase child-plant contact

School grounds have potential for, but are currently underutilized as, resources for child-plant interaction

Green inclusion: Biophilia as a necessity

Environmental education promotes the inclusion of children with special needs and addresses their biophilic needs

Children and nature: Following the trail to environmental attitudes and behavior

Decades of research points to connection between childhood time in nature and environmental attitudes


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