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The effectiveness of outdoor behavioral healthcare with struggling adolescents: A comparison group study a contribution for the special issue: Social innovation in child and youth services

Adolescents completing an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare intervention functioned significantly better in the long run than adolescents completing a treatment-as-usual intervention

Adventure education as aesthetic experience

Adventure education as an aesthetic experience includes three defining qualities: sensory encounters, full attention and aesthetic paradox

Complementing classroom learning through outdoor adventure education: Out-of-school-time experiences that make a difference

An outdoor adventure education/school partnership program promotes social connectedness, self-efficacy in leadership competencies, and a stronger sense of self among adolescent girls

A 10-day developmental voyage: Converging evidence from three studies showing that self-esteem may be elevated and maintained without negative outcomes

Adolescents’ participation in a sailing voyage increases self-esteem, decreases gender bias, does not increase other negative outcomes, and sustains these changes over time

The development of conservation behaviors in childhood and youth

Time in nature, environmental socialization, and experiential learning promote conservation ethic

Adventure therapy with youth

A review of youth-based adventure therapy programs offers recommendations for improvements

The youth adventure programming model

Literature review serves as basis for youth adventure program model

Adventure education and resilience enhancement

Adventure-based experiences may increase Latino youths’ resilience and decrease bullying

Children and nature: Following the trail to environmental attitudes and behavior

Decades of research points to connection between childhood time in nature and environmental attitudes

Adventure programs and diverse family styles

Adventure programs enhance youths’ perceived interest and psychological needs dependent, to some extent, on family style


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