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10 Reasons To Take Your Students Outside
We all care about the well-being of our students and want to provide a positive environment in which students are healthy and motivated and learning content in creative ways. Every educational setting, whether urban or rural, has such a place … outdoors.
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Download articles by Richard Louv and Cheryl Charles:

[+] Do Our Kids Have Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv

[+] The Ecology of Hope by Dr. Cheryl Charles

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NOTE: The role of the Children & Nature Network (C&NN) is to help build the children and nature movement, and to help youth and others learn about ways to get outside and connect to nature. At any time, when youth are outside on their own, or with families and friends, everyone should take safety precautions and be mindful of risks.

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I will Take my students outdoors to experience nature directly
I will Share my ideas, successes and challenges
I will Encourage teachers & administrators to join the movement to connect children to nature


Children's classroom behavior is better if they have recess

School gardens positively impact children's learning and behavior

Natural views from high school positively impact students' academic achievement and behavior
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