Training Center

Organized Instruction and On-Demand Education Resources

Because the children and nature movement needs leaders like you.


In order to advance the new nature movement, we provide a robust network of training programs, knowledgeable trainers, online resources and documentation to interested families, communities and municipal representatives. Expanding the knowledge network through a grassroots leadership training platform promises to build a growing team of experts in the art of connecting children to nature. We offer training camps in key regions across the U.S. , custom seminars for community groups or regional organizations, as well as online education sessions, peer-to-peer connections and documentation that can be accessed on-demand.



Guides & Tool Kits

Providing instructional resources as on-demand documents and tool kits for downloading, printing and reviewing, we aspire to make our knowledge base accessible to everyone.  For those interested in self-serve guidance to starting or growing a grassroots movement, tool kits and documentation with step-by-step instruction offer the assistance you need to get your community empowered to connect with the outdoors.

Webinar Series

Leveraging the benefits of the online platform, you may now attend remote training sessions through collaborative tools such as webinars.  Expert instructors offer real-time education on how to create, develop and launch a number of programs designed to encourage children, families and communities to connect with nature. You may also receive ongoing support and technical assistance through peer-to-peer mentoring, regular conference calls and online communication channels with your community of leaders and practitioners who are also working to build a grassroots network to connect children to nature.

Leadership Training

Offering hands-on training to our next generation of conservation leaders is a fundamental component of our programming and outreach.  By educating and coaching interested young outdoors enthusiasts, the momentum of advancing the children and nature movement builds.  Interested Millennials with demonstrated leadership skills are identified and invited to participate in our Natural Leaders Legacy Camp. Instruction focuses on key areas – community organizing, outdoor leadership, event planning, public speaking —  which equip young leaders with the skills they will need to return to their communities and build programs that attract others to connect with the natural world.


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