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Let's G.O.! (Get Outside)

Play, Serve, Celebrate

Let's G.O.! 2015 Kicks Off With a Year-Round Pledge Campaign
Are you ready? Take the Pledge on Facebook and say "Yes" on twitter by using the hashtag #yesletsgo

The spirit of Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside) is to celebrate the energy and commitment we share to integrate nature into our daily lives--and to share that commitment with our children, families, friends and colleagues. That's why this year we are launching "The Let's G.O.! Pledge" to provide a way for each of us to publicly express our commitment to connect ourselves, our families and our communities to nature--all year long.

You take the Pledge.
We provide resources and inspiration.

We've simplified. Are you an individual, family or organization that's planning an event to connect people to nature? We'd love to hear your plans. This year, there is no need to register your event -- the Let's G.O.! pledge is your registration!

Let's G.O.! (Get Outside) is a youth-inspired, youth led Children & Nature initiative to rally people of all ages to Play, Serve and Celebrate. We're encouraging intergenerational groups of people to get outside, be active, have fun and connect with nature. Families, teachers, students, mentors, grandparents and grand friends - especially children and youth - are invited to participate.

Ready. Set. Let's G.O.!

View the slideshow to see what others have done to get outside with friends and family.

Let's G.O.! is Inspired by C&NN's Natural Leaders Network:

Let's G.O.! Partners and Sponsors:

Made Possible in Part with Funding from:

NOTE: The role of the Children & Nature Network (C&NN) is to help build the children and nature movement, and to help youth and others learn about ways to get outside and connect to nature. Let's G.O.! (Get Outside) is an approach we wish to encourage. However, such events are organized independently and C&NN is not responsible for the actions of specific Natural Leaders or local Natural Leaders Networks. At any time, when youth are outside on their own, or with families and friends, everyone should take safety precautions and be mindful of risks.


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"If you go with long-term significance, my pick for the top story of not only 2009 but also of the 21st Century is the pandemic of Nature Deficit Disorder, a term so aptly coined by Richard Louv in his best-selling outdoor book, Last Child in the Woods...."
— Bill Schneider, NewWest.Net
“Concerns about long-term consequences—affecting emotional well-being, physical health, learning abilities, environmental consciousness—have spawned a national movement to ‘leave no child inside.’ In recent months, it has been the focus of Capitol Hill hearings, state legislative action, grassroots projects, a U.S. Forest Service initiative to get more children into the woods and a national effort to promote a ‘green hour’ in each day.”
— Washington Post
“The movement to reconnect children to the natural world has arisen quickly, spontaneously, and across the usual social, political, and economic dividing lines.”
Orion magazine
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