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Nature Story Nature Story Nature Story Nature Story

Did you read stories about animals when you were young? Did you get swept up in adventure tales about pioneer families or seafaring pirates or mountain climbers? Did your family members like to swap fishing stories?

Stories about animals, plants, and wild places can be a big part of helping kids connect to nature. We’ve created this special section to help you enrich your nature discovery with stories old and new…and even stories told by kids themselves.


Family Activities, Family Stories

What should you do? What should you read? Click on the links below for ideas for simple outdoor activities, as well as great books for kids of every age to read along the way. And in each activity section, click on the READ ME links for some words of wonder to inspire your adventures!

Note: Don’t be surprised if you find gnomes, talking sheep, and cupcake-eating caterpillars in the book lists. We believe imaginative tales are at least as good as realistic ones for building a relationship with the natural world.

Row, Row, Row: Activities on the Water

A Fort of One’s Own: Making Hideouts

Trail Mix: Activities for Family Hikes

Of Fairies, Gnomes, and Hobbits: Imagined Worlds in Nature

We Gather Together: Harvesting and Collecting

Going Wild: Camping and Wilderness Adventure

She Sees Seashells: Activities for the Beach

Where The Sidewalk Is: Connecting To Nature In The City

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Play

Where the Wild Things Are: Animal Fun

Twinkle, Twinkle: Adventures After Dark


Since 2001, the nonprofit publisher Milkweed Editions has been producing Stories from Where We Live, a series of books filed with lively stories about nature from across North America. Each volume... [+]


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